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Your new Tint Job and What to expect

Your new Tint Job and What to expect
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Drying Time

Observe your window film at about 2-3 feet, look through it, not at it. Your film will take almost 7-10 days to fully cure. During this time the windows will appear hazy and there will be small water pockets caused by excess moisture trapped between the glass and the film forming a kind of “blister”. Do not squeegee, prod, or poke these water blisters, they will disappear once all the water has evaporated. DO NOT roll your tinted windows down until they are dry, 3-5 days, otherwise the film could peel.


The best way to clean your tinted windows is by using a soft cloth preferably a microfiber towel. DO NOT use ammonia based products such as Windex, unless they are labeled AMMONIA FREE do not use. Over time, the ammonia could react to the chemicals used in the film and cause the window film to become hazy and blotchy. [...]

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